Opel Astra K looks way better as an OPC

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The Opel Astra K is returning to our attention, this time with the help of two images, depicting the looks of the upcoming OPC range-topping model. The 2016 Opel Astra is here but the company’s fans cannot help themselves wonder what is going on with the OPC, when will this be introduced and what it will be all about. The truth is that nobody outside the GM-owned company knows this for sure but it’s still a good exercise to try and figure it out how this may turn out to look. The two images posted below are nothing more than simple renderings, signed by Virtuel-Car, but they might provide us with a first look into the upcoming hot hatch. The first thing noticeable is the updated body kit, which has now become more aggressive and aerodynamic, with its front apron, updated front bumper, new side sill extensions, the new rear bumper with an integrated diffuser incorporating the dual exhaust system, the subtle roof mounted spoiler and the large wheels which are contributing to its final looks. Regarding its engine, we don’t have a clue on what Opel will be using once the new Astra OPC will roll off the assembly line, but one thing is for sure, it will have to go up against some pretty amazing models, like the Ford Focus RS, the Honda Civic Type-R, the Volkswagen Golf R or the upcoming Renaultsport Megane, amongst others.