Opel committed to prove its “innocence” over emissions cheating claims

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General MotorsOpel has started its defense strategy by submitting documents to the German authorities to dismiss the allegation that it is using emissions cheating devices.

Even if only Volkswagen has been found guilty of emissions cheating so far, the German authorities recently said they found 30 more diesels with inexplicably high CO2 emissions, but without providing any brand names. However, it is already a known fact that the regulators are already investigating Fiat and Opel, following some recent reports from local media and from the Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) green group that suggest Zafira 1.6-liter diesel and the Fiat 500X 2.0-liter diesel are using some sort of illegal emissions software.

Opel is committed now to prove the contrary and, according to Bloomberg, it has submitted documents to the German Transport Ministry to fully explain how its diesel technology works and to try removing any cheating doubts. “We are convinced that our engines meet the legal requirements and that the allegations reflect a wrong understanding of how diesel engines work,” the company said in a statement.

However, the German Spiegel newspaper reported once again last week that Opel is using an emissions-control device similar with the one found on VW’s diesels. Meanwhile, FCA’s Fiat brand does not seem to be so keen on clarifying the accusations, as it refused to meet with the German Transport Minister to provide further details about the automaker’s diesel technology.

Via Bloomberg