Opel’s little Karl gets high-tech treatment

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If you’re the base offering of a German automaker you won’t be necessarily relegated to a Cinderella position – especially if your name is Karl and belong to the Opel brand.

The model has been recently updated with new technology options back home in Germany and the rest of the European region will get to experience them in the near future. Karl has been fitted with the OnStar and IntelliLink features for the infotainment system, while also receiving the much hyped Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility. The breakdown is as follows: the OnStar service will deliver an Internet connection and comes with a free year ownership experience, the General Motors system being used to help customers in various ways. They can track down the car if it gets stolen, alert authorities in case of an accident, remotely stop the vehicle if being driven by a thief, remotely open and lock the vehicle and even start the engine from afar.

The Opel Karl model (base model costs 9,500 euros in Germany) will get OnStar as standard equipment on the Innovation trim, while the IntelliLink system can be had from 350 euros. The R4.0 version of the latter also has a seven-inch touchscreen interface and will support the well known Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems that allow the user to seemingly integrate their smartphone with the vehicle. The functionality allows the infotainment display to act as the smartphone and certain apps (WhatsApp, Skype, Google Maps) can be used in a safer manner while driving.