Passenger car registrations rose 13.7% in November in the EU

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Passenger car market recorded a very strong increase in November in the European Union, marking the 27th consecutive month of growth. The November report released by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association shows a 13,7 percent increase in the EU passenger car market, marking the 27th consecutive month of growth and totalling 1,085,259 units. All major passenger car markets rose strongly during the month, significantly contributing to the positive outcome of the region. Spain (+25.4%), Italy (+23.5%) and France (+11.3%) posted double-digit percentage gains, followed by Germany (+8.9%) which also performed better than in November 2014. The UK market recovered in November (+3.8%) as well, after showing decline in October. Over eleven months in 2015, new passenger car registrations increased by 8.7 percent, reaching 12,603,855 units and surpassing 2014 full year volumes. Nevertheless, this result is only now reaching the levels registered in immediate post-crisis years. All major markets sustained the overall upturn, with Spain (+20.9%) and Italy (+15.5%), posting double-digit growth, followed by the UK (+6.2%), France (+6.2%) and Germany (+5.4%). Auto sales for October in the European Union was at a slower rate of increase, with just 2.9 percent up from the previous month and the demand for new passenger cars saw momentum slowing down in all major markets. For that period, registrations rose in Italy (+8.6%), Spain (+5.2%), Germany (+1.1%) and France (+1.0%), while the UK market declined in October (-1.1%).