People are unwilling to give up their automobiles

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Research praying an inquisitive eye into the worldwide influence of the automobile has found that most people surveyed are unwilling to give up their autos that have become an intricate part of everyday life.

While global sales growth is slowing down, the estimates point out to global sales for 2015 reaching about 90 million units – a record. And from China to the United States, the four-wheeled vehicle is quickly growing to be one of life’s essentials, whether we talk about emerging markets or industrialized countries. According to the most recent study performed by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, or OICA, 57 percent of people around the world consider their lives would be negatively impacted by the lack of an automobile. In an interesting take, the highest percentage with that opinion was found in Africa – which is the continent with the smallest percentage in terms of motor vehicle penetration per capita. OICA found that 78 percent of interviewed people in Africa see no life without an automobile. And the Americas were closely following with 63 percent.

Meanwhile in Europe, where the recent trend is to reduce automotive reliance, while some cities would like to ban possession from the get go, the figure was still above 56 percent. Meanwhile, the lowest count was in Asia – where up until recently the sales were jumping at double-digit percentage speeds – only 48 percent would have difficulties living without their car. “The conclusions are quite clear and positive, with the car seen as an object of desire, providing many important advantages compared to any other transport mode,” commented OICA Vice President Matthias Wissmann, also the president of the German Association of the Automotive Industry.