PSA’s growth strategy confirms upcoming pickup truck

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PSA Peugeot Citroen’s all new “Push to Pass” growth plan that has been recently unveiled has also included the expected confirmation of the company pursuing the development of a pickup truck model.

The recent report that claimed the French group was looking to add a pickup truck model to its range panned out as PSA has officially confirmed the development during the presentation of its “Push to Pass” growth plan (2016-2021). The new strategy is going to allegedly “transform the company in order to unleash its full potential,” and the plan actually includes a full roster of 26 new passenger cars and eight light commercial vehicles, including here the aforementioned one-ton pickup. These models will be coming as part of the strategy to deliver “one new car, per region, per brand and per year.”

As far as the pickup is concerned the details are still scarce but we can safely assume PSA will not want to develop and produce it alone since that wouldn’t be a viable business solution. We can see the best partner for PSA being Toyota as the latter has the best selling Hilux in its stable. By the way, the new model assault will also include a full team of green versions – seven plug-in hybrids and four all electric models to be commissioned. The plan also includes a “push” into the development of connected cars and autonomous vehicles in a bid to become “a great global carmaker with cutting edge efficiency and the preferred mobility provider worldwide for lifetime customer relationship.”