Recall roundup: Toyota Tacoma for airbag bolts issue

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Toyota has announced a recall for several Tacoma pickup trucks, because of a condition with the driver’s knee airbag bolts. According to the car manufacturer, the total number of affected Toyota Tacoma vehicles stands at just 310 units and all of them are from the 2016 model year and they have been produced at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing de Baja California plant. The carmaker is announcing the recall because of the driver’s knee airbag module, which is attached to the instrument reinforcement with four bolts and it seems that during assembly, the incorrect bolts have been installed. “The involved vehicles are equipped with a driver’s knee air bag module that is attached to the instrument panel reinforcement by four bolts. There is a possibility that incorrect bolts were installed during vehicle assembly at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing de Baja California plant. This could result in the bolts loosening over time. A loosened bolt could affect the performance of the knee air bag, increasing the risk of injury during a crash”, says the automaker in its press release. Owners of the above mentioned models will be notified by Toyota via first class mail. An appointment will be scheduled with a local dealership and this will be replacing the bolts with the correct ones. The replacement will be performed free of charge to the owners. An exact notification schedule hasn’t been provided at this point, but for any extra details on the topic, owners of the affected 2016 Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks can contact the carmaker’s customer service at 1-800-331-4331.