Red Bull reveals latest Defender-based event truck

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If you’ve ever wondered what you’d get if you crossed an Aventador with a Land Rover, you’re a bit mad. But, if you have, this might be your answer: Red Bull’s new party van. Appearing recently on the South African website of the energy drink and sponsor-all-the-things giant – and later pulled from all official Red Bull channels – the 4×4 event machine is understood to be a massively transformed long-wheelbase Defender 130. Reports also suggest Red Bull’s menacing DJ machine was built right here in Australia, although confirmation of its origins is still to come. The minds behind this thing are said to have been inspired by the F-22 Raptor fighter jet, but you could just as easily point to any polygon-inspired video game out of the early 2000s. Of course, as much as Red Bull’s van looks like it could star in a prison-breaking remake of Tango & Cash, it’s expected to spend more time pounding beats at festivals than any real time knocking over mountains.