Renault to give some explanations in front of French emissions commission

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After last week’s raid, when Renault has been checked in a probe into vehicles emissions, the company’s heads will appear today before a French government commission for further inquiries.

Another Dieselgate scandal is on the verge of breaking out, as the French carmaker Renault has been the target of an inquiry by the government fraud investigators last week. The investigators inspected three of the company’s sites to look if the automaker has used any sort of cheating devices on its diesels. France’s Energy minister Segolene Royal said tests conducted on Renault cars have not shown any presence of fraudulent emissions concealing software. However, the minister added that the presence of C02 and NOx above accepted limits has been detected in cars of other manufacturers, as well as in some Renaults.

In the light of these alleged findings, officials from the company are expected to appear before a French government commission, which has been specifically formed to further look at whether local carmakers have cheated on emissions tests. The meeting is set to take place today, according to a report published Saturday by the Les Echos newspaper. The paper said Renault would be expected to explain why emissions from some of its models exceeded the limits and how it would correct the problem.

In is not the first time when Renault is under emissions scrutiny. In November, results of a study requested by the green lobby group DUH and commissioned from the University of Applied Sciences in Bern revealed that Renault’s Espace minivan supposedly releases toxic diesel emissions. According to the report, when the engine reaches its normal running temperature, the 1.6-litre Espace unit with the latest Euro 6 diesel generation emits up to 2.06 grams of NOx per kilometer. This would mean more than 25 times the European Union limit.