Render – Mercedes E Class goes after the BMW 5 Series GT

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If virtual rendering artists also took heed, it’s pretty clear – Mercedes is filling every niche with corresponding rivals to the BMW models in order to snatch the world sales crown.

Yep, they’re blatantly ripping the ideas of their Munich-based rival – just look at the GLE Coupe and upcoming GLC Coupe – but that’s a regular game across the automotive industry. After all BMW also took a page from their book when they introduced the 2 Series MPVs. Never mind the turf war, the recently introduced 2016 Mercedes-Benz E Class appears to be an endless source of inspiration these days – and has now been virtually morphed into a liftback variant that would compete with the utterly controversial BMW 5 Series GT.

Mercedes is officially expanding the E Class range by going against another rival – the All Terrain version will be directly aimed at Audi’s A6 allroad quattro. This is why our well known render artist Theophilus Chin has decided to try his hand at another niche for the executive model – the hypothetical E Class GT liftback, which would bring more space out in the back and also increase practicality when accessing the “fatter” trunk.

We’re not really sure if such a version would be opportune since BMW has been almost universally panned for the 5 Series GT looks – even though it comes with two back seats that will even put to shame the larger 7 Series. And by the way, there’s one place where looks don’t matter as much – China – which is apparently why BMW is going to release a second generation of the 5 Series GT.