Report – Apple aiming to deliver their first electric vehicle ahead of schedule

The consumer electronics giant has been rumored to have started preparations to enter the automotive industry by delivering its first ever car – an electric vehicle – sometimes by 2020. Now the latest report coming from The Wall Street Journal states the company is lifting up the heavy work in an effort to speed up the development process on said electric auto – which has been switched to an internal designation of “committed project” – meaning we can now be pretty sure it would see the light of day. According to sources that have talked to the Journal, the target for the first shipments has also been forwarded to 2019. An Apple-branded vehicle has been studied as a possibility by the electronics giant for at least a year, with the company now giving the all-clear following thorough feasibility research – which included discussions with two separate groups of government officials in California – the most populous state in the US and a well known supporter of green vehicles. The project, known as “Titan”, has also received the permission to triple its personnel count from the current 600-people team, according to the people that have knowledge of the matter. The sources that know about Apple’s strategy added the Cupertino-based company did tap experts in self-driving vehicles, though it currently has no intention to deliver its first ever electric vehicle with fully autonomous capabilities from the get go. They added such a feature is part of the long-term development strategy, with Apple keen on expanding its business area and applying its gained knowledge in various sectors to the upcoming generation of autos. Via Wall Street Journal