Report – Audi mulling development of RS6 in allroad version

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Well this one sounds both interesting and totally doable – though in earnest we’re getting tired of the automakers creating more and more niches.

It appears that according to the latest rumor circling around the automotive block, Audi is working on delivering a new breed of crossover by marrying the A6 allroad with the RS6 Avant. This oddity might actually never happen though, since the parent VW AG not long ago confirmed it would axe or postpone all nonessential plans and models in development in a desperate attempt to save some much needed cash to cover the mounting costs of the diesel emissions scandal. But this particular project might actually escape the axe as the report is panning a launch of this RS6 and allroad mashup for this coming fall. One of the reasons behind the reported greenlight might also be the fact that the model’s research and development is very easy and inexpensive – as the vast majority of the parts are already on the production line.

By the way, those interested in this newly created niche – which marries a high-performance powertrain with the practicality of a station wagon and the functionality of a crossover – and living in the United States or Europe might be out of luck. That’s because the rumor puts the model heading towards the Chinese market. Naturally the model will make use of the current twin-turbo V8 4.0-liter engine that delivers power to the proprietary quattro permanent all-wheel drive system. We also think it’s going to have a steeper price than a regular RS6 and a rather short lifespan since the new generation A6 is tipped for a 2017 launch.