Report – Chevrolet Spark Activ coming to the US

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According to the latest talk across the rumor mill, the US automaker has recently registered the “Spark Activ” name with the California Air Resources Board.

This could be a clear sign that Chevrolet is aiming to bring the crossover-styled Activ on the US market as well, meaning those looking for a tiny soft-roader might soon be in for a new option. Chevy’s recent certification of the “Spark Activ” with CARB means the company mulls the start of sales of the jacked-up city car in California. And that means there’s just one step needed for US-wide sales, as Chevrolet also needs to get approval from the EPA. The California-registered Spark Activ used the exact same 1.4-liter, four-cylinder gasoline engine as the standard model – in which case the EcoTec unit delivers 98 horsepower (73 kilowatts) and 94 pound-feet (127 newton-meters) of torque.

The platform remains unchanged under the metal, but the Spark Activ comes with a rugged look and could be very close to the Beat Activ concept showcased in February at Delhi Auto Expo in India. Being a soft-roader, the Spark Activ remains a front-wheel drive car but with beefed up design credentials thanks to the plastic body cladding, underbody protection, and jacked up suspension allowing the model to better avoid obstacles. The Indian-built version for the local market is coming next year and we’re not going to show surprise if the equivalent US-spec version coming from South Korea appears just about during the same time in America.