Report – Current gen Dodge Viper getting the axe due to side curtain airbags

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While the revived Dodge Viper hasn’t broken any sales records, it still holds a special place in the heart of fans as one of the few American supercar thoroughbreds, which is why its upcoming grim fate is being mourned across the continent and beyond.

While Fiat Chrysler Automobiles chief executive officer Sergio Marchionne has hinted at the possibility of a successor to be developed to carry on the Viper name, countless hordes of fans have been grieving the current generation’s impending demise. And it appears a new report flying around the rumor mill might shed some light on the developments that led to the fatidic decision. According to a person “intimately familiar with FCA’s plans,” it appears the Viper will not be killed because of those aforementioned sales issues – after all when you hand build a car you don’t look to break records in the first place. Instead it appears the model is unable to abide with the federal safety standard FMVSS #226 which calls for all vehicles to come equipped with side curtain airbags. The source goes on to explain the process of adding side curtain airbags would further limit the already severely reduced amount of headroom.

We’re pretty much understanding the fact that a model might be axed due to issues with federal safety regulations – though we’re really wondering why engineers didn’t take into account such possible developments from the get go. Anyways, here’s hoping the FCA CEO will stay true to its intentions and deliver a new generation of the Viper in the coming years, even if that means going for the Alfa Romeo Giulia platform and killing the V10.

Via Motor Trend