Report – EPA not satisfied with 2017 BMWs using diesel engines, delays distribution

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According to the latest report flying off the mill, the EPA has made good with its threats to increasingly scrutinize diesel engine models – with 2017 BMW diesel models not allowed for sale until they pass all testing procedures.

The Environmental Protection Agency has mandated extra testing for the BMW diesel models for the 2017 model year, so American buyers looking for some diesel power with Bavarian coat of arms might need to be a little patient. It appears the German automaker doesn’t even know the timeframe for the government evaluations’ completion. The EPA’s second batch of testing has focused on the 328d sedan and Sports Wagon,535d, X3 xDrive 28d, and X5 xDrive 35d. According to a spokesperson, BMW is trying to get those 2017 diesel models into showrooms as quick as possible. The carmaker believes the problem has to do with “testing logistics” and claims no problems with its models are expected.

Following the incredible Dieselgate scandal triggered by the Volkswagen scheme to pass testing procedures, the American authorities have started more comprehensive testings. This is because the EPA wants to make sure no other automaker has the so-called cheating devices. The evaluations also affected the introduction of the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon using the Duramax diesel. The delay is not expected to have any negative impact on BMW deliveries – diesels only make up six percent of the brand’s sales in the US.

Via AutoGuide