Report – European introduction of Genesis brand postponed to 2020

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It appears not all is going according to plan in South Korea, where Hyundai has allegedly decided to delay the introduction of the Genesis luxury brand until the turn of the decade.

The automaker has decided to dial down on the strategy to bring the Genesis models to Europe, the launch being postponed until 2020. The reasons have to do with the brand’s current lack of diesel engines and sport utility / crossover models. According to a spokesperson who was questioned by media, the brand will first have to resolve the issue of having more powertrains aside from the current gasoline versions in order to become competitive on the Old Continent. Hyundai Europe Chief Operating Officer Thomas Schmid also added that “to launch a premium brand in Europe is a challenge and it’s an even bigger challenge if you don’t have the products you need for the market,” confirming “Europe won’t see it before 2019” because we need different powertrains.”

Additionally, the European customers have also embraced the SUV-loving trend and the automaker has decided to also wait out until it presents its first crossover models – and by 2020 the brand should have six different nameplates, including a couple of SUVs. Also, they will also cater for eco-conscious buyers via the development of plug-in hybrids and even all-electric models. At first, the Genesis marquee will be available in North America, China, the Middle East, and South Korea, at the moment the range being made out of just two models – the G80 and G90 sedans.

Via Automotive News