Report – FCA’s Sergio Marchionne discusses potential electrification for Maserati

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While Sergio Marchionne has issues with an entirely electric Ferrari because of soundtrack problems, it appears the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO is more open to a green Maserati.

Marchionne, the almighty ruler of the FCA group, has recently discussed the future of upcoming electric models inside the group – bringing up the possible Maserati and an upcoming small city car with electric powertrain. We could be looking at yet another version of the 500 city car – one that would span more markets, though. There’s a 500e version already on sale in parts of the US, but that one is just for marketing and tax issues, as they are reportedly loosing lots of money making it. Instead, FCA is considering a Maserati with electric capabilities that falls in line more with the Tesla business model. This is something Marchionne has referenced on more than one occasion, claiming they could replicate their success if wanted.

It appears the electric Maserati would be a production version of the stunning Alfieri concept – though awkwardly this model was not part of the latest five-year brand plan. He said the model would reach the market most likely after he steps down as FCA CEO, which should happen around 2019. Marchionne said the company plans to deliver small “test” solutions in the field of electric powertrains through hybrids and electrics much in the same way they are advancing the connected cars and mobility solutions, such as the partnership with Google to deliver autonomous Chrysler Pacifica hybrids.

Via Bloomberg