Report – Ford planning model line to compete with Hyundai’s Ioniq

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The second largest US automaker is apparently going to deliver an all new dedicated green line of models that would be pitted against the respective counterparts in Hyundai’s Ioniq range.

The South Korean automaker was the first to deliver a single model architecture to underpin three different green powertrains: regular hybrid, plug in hybrid and battery all-electric. But it appears it’s not going to be the only one as Ford has prepared an investment of $1.6 billion in a completely new assembly facility in Mexico – and this would be the first factory in North America in more than two decades. There are no official confirmations about the roster of models to be produced there but reports are claiming sources have tipped the relocation f the next generation Focus sedan and hatchback from Wayne, Michigan.

But more importantly Ford is allegedly going to present a dedicated green line which has all three forms – electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid. This new model line would use the same platform as the upcoming new generation Focus but have a distinctive design. With 50,000 units planned for production at the Mexican facility, the new line would be offered as a replacement of the C-Max Hybrid, C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid, and Focus Electric – with manufacturing tipped to commence sometimes in 2019. This new roster would receive the Model E moniker – a name that was at the heart of a clash with Tesla who wanted it to designate the new Model 3.

Via Automotive News and GreenCarReport