Report – Germany mulling incentive measures for electric autos

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According to a reprot from a German newspaper, the country’s Transport Minister, Alexander Dobrindt, is now thinking about introducing additional stimulus to promote electric cars. The move follows the revelation that Germany’s Volkswagen AG, which is Europe’s largest automaker, cheated on diesel emissions tests in the US and it had equipped for years diesel-powered vehicles with illegal software designed to hide the true emissions level. Now the company itself is thinking of a strategy that would see it focus more on electric autos – so if the report pans out the measures could actually assist VW going through its biggest crisis in its 78-year existence. The diesel emissions scandal has also rocked the entire auto industry, casting a shadow over the highly popular technology in Europe and turning the attention over new ways of popularizing electric vehicles. The German government has set a while back a strategy to reach one million electric autos on its roads by 2020, but until now it’s far off the mark – deliveries of such autos tallied just 19,000 units in 2014. German newspaper the Rheinische Post quoted governmental sources in saying Dobrindt was mulling a plan to construct an additional force of 10,000 charging stations on top of the current quota. The report the plan would cost around 100 million euros ($113 million) and it would be supported through public and private financing. At the end of last year, Germany only had around 2,400 charging stations and about 100 fast-charging points, putting off numerous consumers because of the limited range of battery-driven electric cars. Via Automotive News Europe