Report – Hyundai says the Santa Cruz pickup is a go

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According to the latest report flying across the rumor mill, the South Korean brand has confirmed its intention to deliver in the near future a production version of the Santa Cruz pickup truck concept.

The only catch to the news is the company is waiting a more auspicious time to make the announcement – though we’re wondering what that might be since the US sales have gone through the roof especially across the SUV and pickup truck segments. Anyways, last year during the NAIAS event took both fans and the rest of the world by surprise with the introduction of the Santa Cruz Crossover Truck concept. According to Australian media that caught Hyundai Motor America president and chief executive Dave Zuchowski on the sidelines of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the executive posted a strong hint the model’s production version’s only unknown is the release date, not the production.

He added the green light has been given to the model but the carmaker will take its time and announce the news when it’s a proper moment – and also hinted the pickup truck would not be reserved solely to the US market – though no details have perspired about a right-hand drive version for Australia or UK. The powertrain department would include the Tucson platform and a turbodiesel would for the first time be offered in the United States. Here’s hoping the concept’s styling would perspire to the production sheets as much as possible to keep it just as exciting as it was in prototype form.