Report – Iconic Beetle to be discontinued once more starting 2018

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It’s hard life for the famous VW Beetle as the Bug is rumored to once again be axed – with the German automaker looking to discontinue the Beetle from 2018 to refocus on crossovers instead.

Sport utility vehicles and crossovers are all the hype in terms of world sales and every automaker is looking to grab a larger slice – Volkswagen is facing a bitter situation also because of the Dieselgate scandal that is rumored to hit the treasure chests quite hard. The Germans are looking to resolve the predicament by introducing even more CUVs and SUVs – and they will make room for the new reveals by phasing out older models. And the Beetle is as “old” as possible, with the latest report claiming Volkswagen is looking into a second retirement for the iconic model.

This is not really surprising, since even ultra-luxury automakers are going the “popular” way and deliver such high-riding models. Maserati just turned in the Levante, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and even Rolls-Royce are following in. And mainstream manufacturers are looking to plug every gap they see, even the ones we didn’t know existed – a good example being the crossover-coupe offensive or the creation of the convertible-SUV. With rather lackluster sales, the Beetle has been trying to attract the attention of the public via limited editions such as the Denim or Dune. If the Beetle does get the axe in 2018 it will be a little more than two decades since the New Beetle was premiered – production started back in October 1997.

Via Autoline