Report – Lada to deliver third generation of no frills Niva 4×4 sometimes in 2018

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It appears the Lada brand is unwilling to part ways with its no-frills Niva 4×4 model – one of the last true off-roaders out there – and its model offensive includes the launch of a brand new third generation in 2018.

The Russian auto market is plunging even faster than the country’s economy but Lada keeps following its renascence plans under the guidelines of its new owner – the Renault Nissan alliance – and has already introduced the new Vesta and X-Ray models. The duo will also receive the 4×4 Niva brother sometimes during the autumn of 2018. So far the rumor flying around the rumor mill were painting a more positive picture – the SUV’s launch had been tipped for a late launch this year. Now a report – of course you should take this one as well with a pinch of salt – states across Russian media the introduction has been postponed for almost two years.

The report has the new model coming out in both three- and five-door variants, with the style also using a large boot lid. So far the reports have picked the Niva 4×4 to use a new and feistier engine in lieu of the current 1.7-liter gasoline version that only has 83 horsepower. The new unit would have a manual transmission linked to the permanent all-wheel drive system. Unconfirmed information also has the model using a Renault-derived diesel engine on board. By the way, the media reports are also suggesting the current generation Niva would not cease its existence once the new model is launched – both peacefully coexisting for a period of time.