Report – Mazda CX-9 might make the trip to Europe after all, but it needs a diesel

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According to the most recent rumor flying around the mill a senior Mazda manager has tipped the Japanese producer is taking into account the business case for the introduction of the flagship CX-9 crossover on the Old Continent.

Apparently Jeff Guyton, Mazda’s European boss, who was also present on the sidelines of the New York International Auto Show, has confirmed the brand is looking into the “possibility” of delivering a Euro-spec CX-9. “In this market, even if we took a reasonable Mazda share of that segment it would still be a pretty small number,” he commented. “It’s a beautiful product, but the volume to make it right for Europe is quite small and the business case is quite difficult.” He did go on to say that if the sport utility vehicle does make the trip to Europe it would also need to come equipped with a good diesel engine – as the powertrain is still the number one choice for many customers on the Old Continent.

The all new CX-9flagship crossover is going to hit US dealerships this summer packing a newly introduced 247-horsepower (182 kilowatts) turbocharged petrol unit. Meanwhile, in Europe the small Japanese manufacturer is only selling the CX-3 subcompact and CX-5 compact models – which enjoy very good sales across the continental markets. “The world would like more CX models than we are able to produce,” Guyton goes on. “When CX-9 really starts to sell in the US, it will be constrained as well – sure we’d like to have more, but we’ll take small actions to increase capacity.”

Via AutoExpress