Report – Mercedes-AMG is very busy, with next in tow being the GT roadster

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We’ve just witnessed the apparition of the “Beast of the Green Hell” – the high performance AMG GT R version, but it appears the company is already gunning for the next iteration.

Mercedes-AMG just presented in the United States the base Mercedes-AMG GT and the world was amazed by the dazzling green hue of the GT R, but the unit is already cranking up another option – which is set to entice purists because we’re speaking of an open top variant. According to the latest report, AMG boss Tobias Moers has made allusions towards an AMG GT Roadster that could actually be revealed before the year runs its course – hitting the dealerships in 2017. “The convertible has moved well beyond the drawing board,” said Moers. “It will be the next AMG GT model to arrive.”

The executive also pointed out the AMG GT Roadster would have no chance of snatching the clients from the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class grand tourer. The high-performance model has been directed towards the 911 series so that’s not about to change. “This will absolutely be a proper sports car,” Moers went on to say. At this point, no other details are known about the upcoming Roadster, but we can assume it will adopt a classic, drop top power folding fabric roof to preserve weight. And now, all we have to do is wait for the AMG GT R Roadster iteration…

Via Auto Express