Report – Mercedes-Benz GLC coming up with fuel cell version in 2017

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The German automaker has reportedly confirmed the official introduction of a hydrogen fuel cell version of the compact crossover GLC, coming next year with a 300 miles range.

According to a an interview with research and development boss Thomas Weber, Mercedes is getting ready to deliver its first production series hydrogen fuel cell model next year – and this one will reach the highly marketable crossover segment boasting the body of the marketable GLC SUV. The executive said the new GLC sport utility vehicle hydrogen version would boast “the newest fuel cell technology available. We are in the middle of the car’s roll-out phase right now,” Weber added. He further detailed the latest progress in terms of making the technology a viable solution has delivered significantly reduced in size hardware and the new Mercedes FCV will take advantage of that. The new model will be called the GLC F-Cell and it would only need around three minutes to refuel its hydrogen tanks – but its availability would be limited to select markets with a lease or direct purchase program – pricing is expected to be at least 50,000 British pounds.

He also responded with a confirmation to a question regarding the plan to build a fully electric production car. This model – widely expected to be a solution to Tesla’s Model S – could make its official debut during the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show and then jump in showrooms sometimes in 2018. The manager added the range would be of 250 to 300 miles and its architecture would use modular components easily shared with hybrid models across the group.

Via Autocar