Report – Mini ready to deliver ultra-hardcore John Cooper Works Clubman

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The British marquee, currently owned by BMW AG, the largest luxury automaker in the world, is apparently planning a top of the range Clubman JCW that would deliver around 300 PS and go against hot hatches such as the Ford Focus RS. The Clubman, the largest Mini to date at 4,25 meters, will most likely receive the ALL4 all wheel drive and John Cooper Works versions in the immediate future, but it now appears the brand has decided to top all things with a hardcore version in the vein of hot hatches such as the Ford Focus RS or the Audi RS3. Naturally all wheel drive will be available standard, alongside a major update to the 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine. A source within Mini has talked to AutoExpress and hinted the hot hatch market is a place where Mini is interested in making a bigger dent. The insider added a Mini five-door JCW is not planned and the Clubman is “different turf”. The brand is nowadays changing the target for the Clubman from the previous – not so successful – generation, looking to battle compact models such as the Golf or Focus. Naturally if the British brand aims to compete in all-wheel drive territory with the likes of Ford and Audi, it will need a strong contender as both come with more than 345 bhp. That wouldn’t be a grueling task since the regular 2.0-litre turbo already has as much as 249 bhp when fitted to the BMW 330i. Via AutoExpress