Report – New generation Audi A6 to sport dramatic new styling

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According to a recent rumor flying off the mill, the next generation of the A6 midsize executive sedan will be uncharacteristically good looking, with a dramatic new look.

While the new Mercedes E Class looks like a mash between the S Class and C Class, and rumors are also having the 5 Series go down the evolutionary route, it appears Audi is finally trying to spice up things with the 2017 A6. The fifth generation of the executive saloon is coming early 2018 – practically not long after the BMW 5 Series – and the much more enticing looks are also the panache of the upcoming A8 and A7 limousines. Audi has a huge year in 2017 – it will kick off the party with the new A8, followed by the A7, A6 and Q8 models. The new, dramatic and sporty look will come down on the rest of the models from the A8 limousine that should be revealed during the fall of next year. The A7 will follow later on the same year and the A6 will be fresh in early 2018.

The new design language needs to be put mainstream by the latter, which generates much more sales than the A8 and A7 – so chief designer Marc Lichte, who came in February 2014 from Volkswagen, wants to set apart the A6 from the conservative 5 Series and the current Mercedes E Class. The 2014 Audi Prologue Concept is believed to have carried strong hints towards the direction undertaken by the new generations of the A8, A7, A6 and Q8 – so we’re going to revisit it in the attached photo.

Via Autocar