Report – New generation crossover architecture could also underpin Maybach-SUV

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Mercedes-Benz, the second largest luxury automaker in the world, has again tipped the rumor mill to the possibility of developing and building a flagship Maybach SUV in the coming years to compete with the Bentley Bentayga and the upcoming Rolls-Royce Cullinan crossover.

Ultra-luxury crossover SUVs appear to be the next big thing (both practically and figuratively) as Bentley has inaugurated the niche with the Bentayga and Rolls Royce, Lamborghini and other quick to follow. Now it appears Mercedes wants a piece of the pie and will use its Maybach nameplate to join the party with its own take on the ultra-luxury SUV segment niche. According to Daimler board member Ola Kallenius such a project may become viable if based on the next generation architecture for the sport utility vehicles – if it indeed gets the green light. “Could we do an SUV? I wouldn’t rule it out”, he commented. “I can’t see us doing it with the current platform, so if we would do it, it would have to be based upon the next generation platform.”

The manager said predictions are for continued growth across the SUV segment and a Maybach SUV wouldn’t be out of place with so many high-end competitors. While details are arguably scarce at the moment we imagine the best fit for the Maybach moniker would be for the top of the line GLS class – though we’ll have to wait some years for the next generation to first come out on the market. By the way, BMW is already officially confirming its own upscale version of the upcoming X7 SUV flagship, meaning the Maybach SUV will have its work cut out for it when it comes into dealerships.