Report – PSA Peugeot Citroen could introduce European pickup next week

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According to the latest rumor flying around the mill the French group – the second biggest automaker in Europe – is set to announce the introduction of an all-new pickup model for the Old Continent.

The presentation is not coming in the next few years but as soon as next week, when the company will also unveil its all-new six-year business plan. The strategy has been nicknamed “Push to Pass” as in a race car’s boost system and it is reportedly including the plan to introduce a pickup model in the next few years. There aren’t many details about the model just yet but we can bet the pickup will be the fruit of a collaboration between PSA and another automotive conglomerate because there isn’t much of a business case to deliver a utility model – which will mostly serve commercial purposes – that has been developed from scratch. The math is simple – the model is good for sales but not that much to warrant the necessary full investment.

The best bet for the joint venture would be of course Toyota as they also joined hands on the Traveler, Spacetourer, and Proace multi purpose vehicle triumvirate. If that would be the case, we can imagine the Hilux taking on the Peugeot and Citroen logos with slightly different styling bits and interior amenities. Another interesting possibility would be for PSA to work with FCA, as they are already partners for the Ducato, Boxster, and Jumper commercial van project. The only issue would be that Fiat has outed the Fullback pickup already – which is in its turn based on the Mitsubishi L200.