Report – Renault putting downsized engine and EDC transmission into new Megane RS

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The French automaker has just revealed its most important model in the lineup – the compact Megane and the rumor mill is already spinning around the more interesting models – such as the upcoming RS hot hatch.

The company apparently already confirmed the introduction of the sedan version come next year – which is not really a report that could have played out differently, let’s be fair. So we’re in for the Fluence model in 2016, but how about that beloved hot hatch, the Megane RS? Well it turns out the model is apparently going for a different recipe with the generational change – a bit of Clio RS powertrain in the form of the EDC automatic gearbox adoption and the switch to a smaller turbo engine in lieu of the one currently offered. The marquee is in the midst of the official presentation of the regular 2016 Megane at a media event in Portugal and journalists found out the high-performance Megane RS will be treated to a downsized turbo powertrain. It appears the 2.0 turbo engine now wrapped under the hood is out of luck and its production would be axed as the current Megane RS retires.

It appears the executives are writing off that engine due to the traditional issue – consumption and CO2 – with the Megane RS taking up the 1.6 turbo currently found inside the Clio RS and modified to deliver even more power. Sending the power to the front wheels, the engine is also rumored to be matched to the 6-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission (EDC – efficient dual-clutch) to broaden the customer base.

Via CarAdvice