Report – Skoda mulling hotter Superb and even Kodiaq vRS models

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The Czech automaker is really coming to life these days mostly thanks to the hype surrounding its upcoming presentation of its first large sport utility vehicle – the Kodiaq.

The carmaker has presented the first official photos and specifications of the model – though it was actually a mislead, with the body still completely covered in mind-bending camouflage patterns. But we’re pretty sure the SUV craze is welcoming the idea of an affordable seven-seater SUV from the Mlada-Boleslav brand. So it appears, according to the latest whispers off the rumor mill, the executives at Skoda are looking to keep things interesting for even longer. This is courtesy of rumors surrounding the hotter vRS versions. The performance badge has been relegated for now to just one model – the Octavia.

But it now looks the brand is looking to rectify that by providing the current generation Superb limousine and the upcoming Kodiaq SUV with their own hotter versions. The Superb is already packing 280 hp in its flagship version, so it’s interesting to see what’s on the menu come 2018 and 2019 when the Superb vRS and Kodiaq VRS, respectively, are expected to appear. Apparently, Skoda CEO Bernhard Maier has commented for British media there is “serious potential” for vRS versions of the automaker’s top offerings. This is of course because profitability is way up on the Superb and Kodiaq – then let’s say opting for another installment of the Fabia vRS. Speculation revolves around the Golf R powertrain – maybe even with an update to bring the power level above the current 300 hp milestone.

Via AutoExpress