Report – Spyker gearing up for Geneva Motor Show rebirth move

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The latest rumor flying around the mill has Spyker Cars back in the game and ready for serious business this year as they are heading to Switzerland in March to participate in the Geneva Motor Show.

At the automotive event that is considered as the second home for all exotic automakers out there, the reborn Spyker may treat us to a welcomed surprise – there’s a distinct possibility they would join the show to showcase an all new electric sports car. As is with most of the exotic manufacturers out there, Spyker has been flirting with and then cheating Death for the past couple of years. Now the company looks ready for another crack at the hard bargain automotive market after joining forces with American aircraft manufacturer Volta Volaré. The rumors – which we remind you to take with the right amount of salt – see Spyker Cars chief executive officer Victor Muller taking the stage at Geneva to present the new sports car that will therefore harvest the revival of the automaker.

We have little details about the actual model to go with actually – so it’s yet unknown if the electric car will start its life as a concept or directly as a series production model. By the way, it appears more information will be delivered on March 1, just two days ahead of the actual reveal of the new sports car during the 2016 Geneva motor Show. Since we usually root for exotic automakers as a measure of spicing up the automotive game we’re hoping Spyker will actually find the strength to deliver the car to its intended customers.