Report – Tesla could deliver refreshed Model S as soon as this week

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We haven’t settled in yet into the news surrounding the Model 3 introduction – which is still racking up more orders than Tesla might be able to produce – and we have word of yet another novelty from the American electric manufacturer.

Tesla’s Model S was probably the first electric car that was both good looking and quick off the mark (not to mention long lasting) and now that the basics have been established and the benchmark set high it’s time for a refresh. As the Model S was growing a bit long in the tooth (even with the over the air updates), Tesla is reportedly going to fix the problem very soon – with the rumor mill suggesting the facelift to be present as early as this week. According to company sources, the refreshed model will receive a minor nip and tuck that will also bring an all new front end. With scarce details to go about we can still bet on a design resembling the styling used on the Model X and Model 3. The Model S could also arrive across dealerships wearing all new LED headlights and a fresh color palette.

The report also states the refreshed Model S will be even more upscale inside, with rumored changes to the seats and the introduction of more storage compartments. We have no word on the performance improvements but nevertheless the facelifted Model S could be more expensive than its predecessor. Tesla went back and forth about the report claiming the company is “constantly innovating and adding new features to our vehicles” and also confirmed they “… let customers know that some price changes will take effect in early April.”