Report – Volkswagen has decided to repay US dealers losing money on Dieselgate

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The fallout of Volkswagen’s Dieselgate scandal is far from over, as the company has recently announced it will compensate through “fair restitution” the dealers in the United States.

The company has so far only decided on the idea to provide compensation for the dealers in the States, even though the emissions cheating saga is actually a worldwide scandal. Dealers talking to US media have declared the company’s recent meet in Newark, New Jersey, which saw representatives of more than 150 dealerships participate, touched the Dieselgate subject. According to the report, a senior executive promised dealers would be given compensation for the Dieselgate shenanigans.

The executive didn’t provide exact numbers with negotiations still uncompleted but promised “fair restitution.” The group intends on wrapping up the issue in about a month or so but there’s already pressure mounting as certain dealers have already alleged towards class action lawsuits if the company isn’t generous. Aside from the compensation talk, it appears the VW execs also said the dealers will be able to fix cars affected by the Dieselgate or sell them back to the company starting October. According to documents, the owners looking to sell their vehicle back to the company will do it through a third-party “settlement specialist.” Then the company would fix the cars to become emissions compliant and the dealer can buy them for resale or distribute to other dealers.

Via The Wall Street Journal