Report puts VW Golf VIII using new hybrid system

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Volkswagen’s namesake brand will take the brunt of the dieselgate scandal and has already announced a revised strategy that focuses on electric and plug in hybrid vehicles rather than diesels. But the latest report concerning the all new generation of the acclaimed Golf that should arrive in dealerships in about two years from now might have little to do with the biggest business crisis that has engulfed the 78-year Volkswagen AG. Simply put – developing a new technology will take years so most likely the new hybrid powertrain was under consideration long before the scandal arose. The new powertrain’s figures also look very promising, with 150 hp developed via the use of a three-cylinder 1.0-liter petrol engine and a 48V electric motor. The engine itself is already used in various models across brands, including the Golf VII but its output of 115 hp is nothing to write home about. The powertrain in use would be a regular – classic – hybrid outfit – the electric motor is coupled to a lead-acid battery – for cost cutting purposes – and the petrol will get assistance when needed or the electric motor will simply turn into a generator. There’s one engineering catch that can be given credit for most of the 35 hp garnished over the regular turbo engine – the engineers have also fitted a smallish electrically driven supercharger that ahs in turn its own motor and can deliver a power boost from as low as zero rpm. Without using a full size electric motor and having no expensive Li-Ion battery or a plug-in option, the upcoming Golf hybrid should be pretty entry level and thus become a cheap alternative – making it a worthy alternative to regular diesel versions.