Retro-inspired Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition is here to celebrate Le Mans win of GT40

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If you didn’t know already, the Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition is a tribute for the 1966 GT40 Mark II that was handled by Bruce McLaren when it crossed the line victorious.

The 2017 GT ’66 Heritage Edition has been announced by the second-largest US automaker as a way to celebrate the half century that has passed since the historic 1-2-3 win at Le Mans. The winning car was driven by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon, with the homage limited edition model treated to a Shadow Black paint with either gloss or matte finish. Highlights are coming courtesy of the silver stripes, the carbon fiber styling package, as well as Frozen White “#2″ graphics. The exterior modifications are complemented by the 20-inch forged aluminum wheels with a gold satin finish complete with contrasting black lug nuts.

The bespoke design is also present inside the cockpit where the designers have used carbon-fiber seats with Ebony leather upholstery and pillowed inserts. Also on point is the ubiquitous modern matte carbon fiber trim, while an individually-numbered plaque reminds the owner of the model’s special status. But there’s even more, with special seat belts with a blue webbing that serves as yet another reminder of the 1966 race car. We can also call out the gold accents on the instrument panel, the seat X-braces, and paddle shifters. “The 2017 Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition is a stunning tribute to the car that kicked off Ford’s string of Le Mans victories in 1966,” has commented in a statement Ford chief technical officer Raj Nair.