“Roadkill” Thrashes Old Pony Cars at Glen Helen Raceway

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On this episode of “Roadkill,” hosts Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger go back to their roots to have an all-out thrash battle between a SN95 Mustang V-6 and a third-gen Camaro V-8. It may seem like the Camaro has the advantage, but it’s only running on six cylinders, putting the two pony cars on even ground.

Adding to the issues, the Mustang’s driver’s seat is stuck fully forward, making both Finnegan and Freiburger’s knees hit the steering column or dash. They test drive both cars before making a decision on what they’ll drive when it comes to the showdown. Since neither car is desirable, a coin toss makes the decision.

The trip to Glen Helen Raceway is full of bumper checks before the Mustang dies and our hosts have to make an unscheduled pit stop. After a night cooling off, the Mustang is in working condition and the trip is back on — for a time. Again it dies; the Camaro has to push the Mustang from behind to make sure it makes it to the track.

Check out the video below to see what happens when you pit two “mullet cars” against each other in an ultimate thrash battle.