Rolls-Royce ends year with unique Sunrise Phantom Extended Wheelbase

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Rolls-Royce has decided it needs to show the entire world (again) the prowess of its special division that is tasked to handle the bespoke requests – coming up with the new Sunrise Phantom Extended Wheelbase. The main catch of the unique Phantom in its extended wheelbase version is the special exterior paint that – according to the company – is able to harness the rays of the sun throughout the day and will then deploy a “subtle yet striking sparkle.” If this is the case than the picture are not doing justice to the bespoke model and we’ll be calling the Rolls-Royce representatives to give us a close up occasion – as it sounds really impressive and might be just what the doctor ordered if we got to see it in the metal. While having such a luxury icon all dressed up in pink might sound corny at first glance, the Rolls-Royce specialists somehow managed to make it bearable – the Phantom Extended Wheelbase even has golden accents here and there that are able to pop up if the light source is appropriate. The automaker also explains the colors will be revealed much like a kaleidoscope depending on the time of day and amount of sun, while the interior has been treated to Sunrise leather upholstery and Dark Spice highlights. The copious amount of wood will make your heart bleed if you are against forest clearing, while the customer will be delighted to look at the trim’s exquisite gold inlaid Spirit of Ecstasy emblem. As a refresher, we remind you the Phantom Extended Wheelbase Series II comes equipped with a V12 direct injection engine mated to an 8-speed automatic gearbox and rear differential. The naturally aspirated 6.75 litre will churn out 460 ponies and 531lb ft of max torque (720Nm), enough to reach 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 5.7 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 149 mph.