Same cheating devices for Audi and Porsche models in Europe

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Audi and Porsche cars in Europe are fitted with the same software device that US regulators say it was used to bypass the emissions tests. Volkswagen said that the 3,0 litre V6 diesels cars in Europe are also fitted with the same software that US regulators revealed it was used to trick emissions control tests in the States. At the beginning of the week, the Environmental Protection Agency said that 10,000 VW cars in the US – including some Audi and Porsche models – are using auxiliary emission control devices that are able to hide the real amount of nitrogen oxide emitted and, as a consequence, could pollute up to nine times over the EPA’s standard. “AECD software does not alter emissions levels, but it ensures after a cold start that the catalytic converters quickly reach their working temperature and emissions cleaning takes effect”, VW said. “AECDs also protect engine parts amid the combustion process which ensures the durability of after-treatment of exhaust gases”. This makes the scandal even larger, as this new disclosure is targeting the VW’s biggest market, with Europe accounting for around 40 percent of Group sales. The automaker didn’t reveal how many cars in Europe were equipped with the software. However, taking into consideration the recorded sales on the European market, the number will definitely be over 10,000 units, maybe tens of times higher. Volkswagen already faces a recall of 8,5 million cars in Europe for the smaller 2,0 diesel engine models, loosing almost 24 billion euros of its market value. Via Reuters