SEMA: Astonishing 1970 Dodge Charger has Immaculate Mercury Racing Engine and carbon fiber body [video]

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The Las Vegas strip these days is choke full of crazy or great tuning projects from automakers down to chop shops form around the corner. And in the myriad of forgetful ideas we could easily let slip such gems. But we caught wind and here’s the car that won the 2015 Gran Turismo Awards – called Tantrum. This project has been developed by SpeedKore Performance Group and Salvaggio Automotive Design for this hard to believe reinterpretation of a Dodge Charger. Under the hood sits a Mercury Racing engine developing a Veyron and Venom GT beating 1650 horsepower. But that’s not the most amazing part of the project – with SpeedKore being a company specialized in dealing with lightweight composite materials. Yes, the oldish Charger has been treated to a carbon fiber makeover – the fenders, hood, valance, bumper, inner door panels, inner quarters, and mirror are all made of it and for people to see the material has only been covered by a thin layer of lacquer. Naturally, even with all the carbon tidbits, the venerable Charger is still rather hefty – but the cool factor is definitely off the charts: we have a custom radiator grille, LED headlights and inside the cabin modern materials (leather and carbon panels) only compliment the classic design. To handle all the power the car now has a custom aluminum frame taming the all-aluminum 9-liter monster Mercury Racing QC4v with twin turbochargers and a power of 1,650 horsepower. [video9]