SEMA: BMW’s M4 Coupe also makes an appearance with M Performance components

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The world’s largest luxury automaker, Germany’s BMW, has prepared itself thoroughly for the SEMA show taking place in Las Vegas and has delivered new M Performance accessories for the M4 Coupe to complement the M2 with M Performance parts. Joining the M2 Coupe M Performance in Las Vegas, the M4 has been made available with new accessories that add to the flair and emphasize the M Performance styling. Numerous accessories have already been made available as of last year, but it appears the Bavarian brand has cooked up new ones in the mean time. The front fascia gets treated to new CFRP inserts and a glossy black trim for the grille and the side profile has been rendered more dynamic via PUR side sill attachments and carbon fiber mirror caps. We also get treated to M Performance motor racing stripes and M elements with a glossy black finish to signal your M4 is a breed of its own. The back touches include a carbon fiber diffuser with three motorsport-inspired fins and an entirely new carbon fiber spoiler with “M Performance” lettering and those motorsport stripes. The new exhaust system gets a stainless steel duct and a titanium rear silencer for both lightweighting and sound setting purposes – the latter even has two setups. Inside the cabin, the guys over at M Performance have fitted an M Performance steering wheel with anthracite Alcantara and carbon fiber finished in clear. The catalog also brings a new gear selector for the M twin-clutch transmission and carbon fiber treatment for the door handles and the handbrake. The driver also gets stainless steel pedal covers, LED door projectors and an Alcantara-covered handbrake. The entire extended accessories combo will become available on the M4 as of June next year.