SEMA: Nissan announces Titan XD Triple Nickel, looking for land speed record

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The Las Vegas event has been the host for the Nissan and Cummins joint introduction of the Titan XD Triple Nickel, a prototype that is not just for show as it aims to go on and establish a new land speed record. The name of the concept comes from the standard model’s torque rating – which is of 555 lb-ft (751 Nm) – with the Triple Nickel billed as a high-performance diesel-powered truck looking to set a new land speed record in the D/DT and FIA A-III-9 classes. The current record for these classes is of 191 mph (307 km/h) in the D/DT section and 115 mph(185 km/h) in the A-III-9 division. Both companies do acknowledge the fact that taking a pickup truck to the salt flats and unleash it in the hopes of nailing some new land speed records is an unconventional feat, but at least both have a long history of attempting such daredevil acts – for example the Nissan 1994 “Hardbody” compact pickup truck delivered multiple records including a 142.9 mph (229.9 km/h) run on the Bonneville Salt Flats. While work on the truck started just weeks ago, the racer has a lowered suspension kit, multiple changes to the aerodynamics and salt-flat style wheel covers. We also spotted Mickey Thompson tires, a Stroud Safety parachute, a custom air dam and bed cover and a racing livery that has no immediate purpose rather than looking decidedly cool. Additional upgrades and modifications are coming in the near future, including the additional of the numerous safety features and equipment needed to comply with the FIA regulations.