SEMA: Toyota guys need eight doors to get out of Tundrasine concept

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The Las Vegas tuning and accessories show is pretty used to wild things and Toyota has decided to go as farther as possible in that direction – by bringing the eight-door equipped Tundrasine one-off. The Japanese automaker, the world’s largest and the biggest company in its country, has always had a conservative reputation and the carmaker might be out looking to change that with its new design language, wild interpretations of the Mirai fuel cell car and latest Prius hybrid. But they’re pretty much playground kids compared to the crazy Tundrasine concept displayed during the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) event. They say it’s a “stretch limo that stretches the limits of what a full-size pickup can become,” with the Tundrasine concept being expanded from a regular Tundra 1794 Edition CrewMax. And when we say expanded we pretty much mean it literally, as the wheelbase has jumped more than 90 inches (2286mm). The insane truck comes with a more reserved Midnight Black Metallic exterior paint job and has side steps for each of the eight different doors. If the exterior styling won’t be anyone’s cup of cake you should reserve final judgment for after you see the cabin, which has been inspired by private jets and has been fitted with anything a luxury aficionado could crave: brown leather seats, wood trim and white, individual rear seats, metallic accents and a complete infotainment system. Under the bonnet sits a 5.7-liter V8 good for a not so spectacular 381 bhp (284 kW) and 401 lb-ft (543 Nm) of torque, mated to an all-wheel drive system via the usual six-speed automatic transmission. No reasons to celebrate here – weight is at an equally insane 7,978 lbs (3618 kg) – around 2,288 lbs (1037 kg) more than a production line Tundra.