Shelby Mustang GT350R now ready for family rides

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The rather egotistical Shelby GT350R Mustang, which is the most race oriented series Mustang ever, has now decided to give some love to those wanting to enjoy its thrilling rides.

We’ll explain, because it’s simple: Ford Performance is willing to equip those in need with an optional back seat kit for the model. This way the driver will not be hated by those in his family for just taking one of them at a time in the GT350R – with the Blue Oval company saying they reacted to people’s desire to have the model transformed into a classical 2+2 coupe. Hence the optional back seat kit which is rather cheap considering the fact that it will effectively give peace to many American families – $999 and it has been made available through Ford Performance Parts for the 2016 model year.

Since we’re talking about official accessories, the rear seats boast the same Alcantara upholstery and red stitching as the ones up front and are also equipped with all the necessary safety and restrain systems. The optional rear seats will add some heft to the standard car’s 3,650 pounds (1,655 kilograms) weight – especially if they will be occupied. But we thing the GT350R can handle it thanks to its 5.2-liter V8 engine churning out 526 horsepower. By the way, the regular GT350 does come from the factory with the back seats, as well as other things that will make it tip the scales even more, such as radio, air conditioning, rearview camera, or let’s say even trunk carpeting.