Shown – Porsche Cayman Black Edition

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The newest addition to the Porsche Cayman lineup is called the Cayman Black Edition and this is nothing more than a special version of the model which is currently offered for sale in Germany. If you aren’t really digging the impressive Cayman GT4, than a special edition of the regular model, called the Cayman Black Edition, may be just what the doctor has ordered. According to Porsche, the model in question is currently being offered for sale on its local market, from the 2nd of October, 2015, and it has a starting price of 59,596 euros, coming with some extra bits and pieces. “Porsche is now also offering the Cayman as a Black Edition. The all-in-black special series previously comprised the Boxster and the 911 Carrera with rear-wheel and all-wheel drive as both a coupé and a cabriolet, distinguished by their expanded standard equipment”, says the carmaker in its press release. The sports car is bringing the black finish covering its body, the black partial leather interior, the Porsche Communication Management with navigation module, the rain sensor, anti-dazzle mirrors, cruise control, park assistant for the front and rear, a Sport Design steering wheel, bi-xenon headlights and a fresh set of Carrera Classic wheels, 20-inch in size. The vehicle is also packing the Sound Package Plus as well and it has been based on the mid-engine coupe with the 2.7 liter flat engine under its hood, rated at 275 HP (202 kW). As we’ve mentioned above, the sports car is currently available for order on its local market.