Skoda sales hit by the downfall of the Russian auto market

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Skoda global vehicles sales dropped 2,7 percent last month due to the Russian auto crisis, brand’s key market. Skoda’s global vehicle sales fell 2.7 percent to 85,000 in October, from 91,000 units in the last period of 2014, as the Russian market delivers were 38 percent down. Most automakers in Russia have been affected by the country’s economic slowdown, and for the Czech brand this market was a key one. In the overall declining Russian market, Skoda achieved 4,600 deliveries last month, from 7,400 cars sold last year. Despite the downturn, Skoda remains optimistic because of rising sales in China and its home region of Central Europe. In China, the automaker delivered 26,400 vehicles in October, accounting for a small increase of 3,2 percent over last October’s results when 25,600 cars were delivered. In their home market of the Czech Republic, the brand achieved a 18,5 percent increase of to 7600 vehicles, while a rise in overall sales in central Europe by 12 percent. By contrast, in Western Europe, Skoda sales dropped 1.9 percent. The brand’s volume in its eastern European markets, excluding Russia, was down 11 percent. Skoda’s 10-month sales rose 1,7 percent to 880,000, Octavia being its most successful model with 37,000 units sold last month. “Skoda has been able to hold its own with an attractive model range in a partly challenging environment in October,” explains Werner Eichhorn, Skoda Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “Our new models have been very well received by customers. This is evidenced by the stable development of incoming orders. However, we continue to see tense markets in Russia and Eastern Europe.”