Sleeper theme can also be applied to wraps – check this hardcore worn-out look

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There are quirks and then there are really quirky stuff – as niches can be found even within niches. We’re unsure where to categorize this but it certainly can make your car look decidedly cool.

That’s because if there are any owners that got their brand new car and wanted to make them look as if they withstood a grueling rallying stage now there’s a solution for that as well. Meet the crazy guys from Stockholm-based company WrapZone who have started a fruitful collaboration with Los Angeles artist Scott Kepple. The latter has been commissioned by the wrapping experts to deliver a custom worn-looking vinyl car wrap. This has been called Patina and can only be had for now on a handful of models: the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, the Volkswagen Beetle and the Dodge Charger – all three bundled together for the attached photo shoot.

The main idea behind this quirky wrap is to have your car look as if it withstood a two decades barn isolation and has just been found. Or you could say it would be a good fit in the Walking Dead series that treats the world to the decay of a zombie apocalypse. For those not wanting to go any further than the “racing” connection there are some associated scratches and a bit of rust on the side sills to complete the “sleeper” look. Even the classic Martini colors have found a way in and the Porsche even comes wrapped in matte black five twin-spoke alloy wheels.

Via TheDrive