Some cool vehicles are getting auctioned off next weekend, at the Hollywood auction of Profiles in History, here's your chance to buy Fonzies Triumph!

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This is a 1949 Triumph Trophy, one of 3 that Bud Ekins owned and loaned to the Happy Days show. Two were raced, used, beat up, and sold for parts.  When the show ended, Ekins sold the third and only remaining "Fonzie" Triumph to a friend and motorcycle collector At Hollywood Auction 74, September 29 through October 1, 2015 you can get Fonzies motorbike, and his leather jacket, at the auction in Calabasas Californiaor, the Impala from American Graffiti that was bought from Lucas Films in 1973, and that first owner is parting with after 42 years.Black Beauty from The Green Hornet movie of 2011, has a 413, a 727, and 71,400 milesAll the members of Led Zeppelin had motorcycles made at the same time, this is John Bonhams, styled after Capt America, and named Sunset TripperThe four members of Led Zeppelin commissioned Ron Hagest, owner of California-based Burbank Customs, to create Triumph-based choppers for each of the band mates. When sold by Jason Bonham, it then took up residence in a Denmark pizza parlour until Dec 2014Warner Brothers is parting with this street legal and driveable Charger used in the tv show, it runs and has a clear titleEvel used this corny bike in Viva Knievel, it's a Harley Davidson XLCH 1000, to break Gene Kelly out of a hospitalThese are just some of the cool Hollywood things, you can look through the whole catalog online at  and select Hollywood Auction 74 at the bottom