Speed Secrets: Finding Success In Low-Budget Racing

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A couple of months ago, Ryan Staub sent me an email to ask if I'd be interested in filling in for a driver on their team at a World Racing League event at Hallett. It would be in their BMW E36, and there would be a 9-hour race on Saturday, and a 7-hour race on Sunday. I thought about it for 1.75 seconds, and replied, "Yes!" Many of you reading this know Ryan, either personally, from his articles here, or because he's responsible for the Lockton Motorsports program. Go to http://locktonmotorsports.com for more information. I've driven for professional race teams who were not as well-run as LMR (they tell me this stands for Last Minute Racing, but I never saw anything being done at the last minute). So I asked Ryan if he'd share some of his secrets for running a great low-budget race team.