Spied – Mazda’s new coupe-styled crossover to be called CX-4, we get images from China

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The latest report concerning the activities of Japanese automaker Mazda comes from China where a mysterious new crossover that adopts coupe-like styling cues has been spotted in the metal.

This pre-production prototype has been very docile and has allowed the spy photographers come inches close and thus we have an “official” confirmation of the new badge since the CX-4 moniker is visible on the trunk, meaning it will slot between the smallest iteration – the CX-3 SUV and the compact CX-5 representative. Further on from examining the photos we can see the crossover has been inspired by the Mazda3 compact – they share the center console and some parts of the dash – and we’re attesting to the limitations of the Mazda2 platform that was stretched enough when underpinning the CX-3. Thus, the new CX-4 should come with a length of around 4.5 to 4.6 meters and go against the upscale roster in the segment – the likes of Infiniti Qx30, Subaru XV and other quirky iterations such as the Citroen DS4.

Most likely powertrains will be offered depending on the market – we could see the petrol options starting from 2-liters and going to 2.5-liter for powers of 120 to 185 hp. If the model also makes the trip to Europe it will also get the 2.2-liter diesel and possibly even the smallish 1.5-liter. All wheel drive will probably hit the optional list, alongside a six-speed automatic transmission.